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We have to admit, these are the coolest patches we have ever seen!

This 3 dimensional, rugged PVC patch comes with a velcro backing already attached for ease of application / transfer. For sew on application, just take a bowie knife,  sword or other manly object (or a seam ripper if you have one) and cut the stitching, and it will sew easily as the holes are pre-punched through the vinyl.

So rugged, that one survived being strapped to the bottom of a hiking boot through an entire hunting season! (Great if you find a hole in your shoe, just tie it on!). You could probably even patch a radiator hose with it.

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Also available in multicam for those keeping a lower profile, operators, and people who just hate the color blue.

Price includes sales tax and shipping inside the lower 48. (Price without shipping if purchased in class is $10)

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