This course is intended for permit holders who feel they did not receive adequate instruction when training for their permits or those who have firearms in the home but have never received legal instruction on their use. We also welcome those people who wish to learn the all of the basics of self-defense but have no interest in firearms or carry permits.

The law on self defense says nothing about the weapon used, and at some point we are all in a situation where we need to know what our legal options are, whether it is at home with a baseball bat or a frying pan, or in a vehicle at night.

This course includes  personal security, awareness, assault recognition, the physiology and psychology of fright and it's effects on performance, escalation / de-escalation of force, comprehensive instruction on the legal use of force in self-defense, home and travel safety, police encounters, criminal and civil liability, conflict avoidance, travel safety , law enforcement encounters, and much more.

Many courses do not teach all of these items, and when covering the law, some only address the bare minimum to qualify for a permit to carry.

We will give you what you need to know to stay alive and out of prison.

Note; This course does NOT qualify you for a permit to carry, see our Multi-State Permit Course if you wish to obtain a permit.

This course is 4 hours in length.

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