Pistolcraft's Basic Multi-State Permit Course includes the following:

Basic Personal Protection includes; safety, personal security, awareness, assault recognition, the psychology and physiology of fright & their effects on performance, a solid understanding of the law on the use of self defense, conflict avoidance, travel, Law Enforcement encounters, and more.

Basic Handgun Self-Defense includes a shooting qualification, along with instruction on a number of combat-proven methods of shooting. Due to range restrictions, this course unfortunately cannot provide the same low light shooting experience as our Intermediate Carry Course, but you will still leave class comfortable in the skills you need to practice.

Also included are; Comprehensive instruction on the legal use of deadly force, carry permit law, holster selection, carry methods, , traveling with firearms, and much more.

We train you for the realities of self defense, not just a permit.

In the event this class has enough students, We generally convert it to an intermediate course where we use the private training bay, and are able to offer a much higher level of firearms instruction (including low-light and darkness when facilities permit). This would not cost you more, other than needing an additional 50 rounds of ammunition. The range fee would stay essentially the same. You would be emailed should this occur.

You will need a notebook, a handgun you are familiar with, and 50 rounds of ammunition. This Course is 8 hours in length. Course Fee is $130 plus range fees, targets are included.

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