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Cold Spring tragedy details begin to come out

I was listening to the scanners the night this happened.. Terrible thing.

It now looks as if the suspect has a history of domestic violence, and it would appear from the linked article that the courts pled it down to disorderly conduct. As with many of these things, we will not know very much for quite a while.

IF the suspect is the guilty party, as is so often the case, there were warning signs and incidents where the system could have prevented this unnecessary tragedy.

Store clerk shoots man in confrontation

This is a situation that would never had happened if the clerk had used a little common sense and left the door locked, and calling the police if necessary. If this were to happen in MN my belief is that it would not be considered self-defense, as the shooter was not a reluctant participant.

13 year old boy shot 22 times

A disturbing object lesson in risk management. This boy does not seem to have had anything to do with gangs, drugs, guns, or the like. However, being in the wrong place at the wrong time and looking similar to someone else seems to be enough to end his life.

While the story uses the usual anti-gun visual of “opened fire into a crowd of people”, note the story also says that this boy was the only person shot. This was a targeted killing without question.

A sad and tragic event, and one that I am afraid will continue to be repeated until we take back control of our cities from the thugs (street and government alike) that control them.

Story here.

7 squads descend on 16 y/o with super soaker

So here is a fine example of police response.

On the one hand, you have the police, all they have to go on is “man is brandishing a gun”, and not surprisingly, responded with a 7 squad “descent” according to the news article.

On the other, a boy with a super soaker.

So is the party at fault the officer? The boy? Or the person who called 911? The dispatcher?

In this case, I am in a position to speak with some authority, as I have had an entire police precinct out looking for me with guns drawn, based on a 911 call reporting a “man with a gun”. Mind you this was a holstered weapon, carried openly in keeping with MN state law. Too bad the caller failed to mention that it was in a holster. My neighbor called me describing the person they were looking for, me. I told him to flag one down, and I would be out in 20 seconds. They were polite enough to keep their guns at low ready, as the neighbor said I had a permit, and we cleared matters up in very short order.

So to break this story down, A boy brandishes a large neon squirt gun, and the worst crime I would really accuse him of is distracted driving. Sure, he was being stupid, but not seriously stupid. Someone calls 911 to report the brandishing of a firearm, (which is not a crime in MN – you can get assault with a deadly weapon, public endangerment, and a whole lot else, but there is no brandishing statute). Perhaps this person was legally blind, as at least that would be an excuse.

The dispatcher apparently did not ask questions about the incident, so I would go with poor job performance there. They joys of government employment.

Finally, the responding officers. With the information they were given, a totally appropriate response.

We need to realize that allowing our cities to degrade taxes resources, and then quality of life suffers. Government cannot police us; we must police ourselves, and utilize police as they were intended – as assistance for difficult and extraordinary circumstances.

16 year old boy shot at party

Proof that you can obey the law, be an upstanding person, but have the decay in our urban areas still take your life.

Story Here.

We need to stop pretending that the government can protect us, and take responsibility for our own neighborhoods, cities and states. The people who believe the police will protect them ignore a few points.

The police have no legal duty to protect you, they are there to “Protect and to Serve” the interests of the corporation called the city/county/state of ______________.

In Minneapolis, there are around 500 people for every sworn officer. Now divide by 3 shifts. thats 1500 people per officer. Now take in account desk jobs. The reality is the chances of a cop being anywhere near you when trouble starts are way past slim.

I have always preached awareness and avoidance, and this story is a reminder to be cautious in where you go and what you do.

Man shot downtown while talking on phone

Again, the only elements we know for sure are that being in a sketchy part of town at 2 am is not safe. Not anything against the establishment, but downtown Minneapolis is just not a good place to be, especially at that hour.

Lucky for this gentleman, he was only hit in the hand, he is very lucky to be alive.

Story here.

Woman shot in face while sitting at stoplight

The story is a bit thin on detail, but it seems that this woman, on her way to meet her hubby for dinner after school was shot while sitting at a stoplight. Granted, this particular intersection is a rather sketchy part of North Minneapolis, but it shows that being in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough. If she is working on a master’s degree I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she was not involved in wrongdoing.

Story here.

Man severely beaten after being robbed

This is an example of what sometimes happens when street crime occurs, reminiscent of the uptown robbery a while back where a man was shot in the head after cooperating. Granted, most of the time if you are robbed, and you give them your stuff, this is not the likely outcome. But you never know.

This is why we teach that every situation is different, and that skills = options. If you initially cooperate and then like in this story, that is not enough, at least you have a chance to reduce your level of injury.

Whether it’s a permit to carry a firearm, or simply basic hand to hand skills taught by our sister company Force Management Academy, the more you know, the safer you are.

Story here.

Home invasions and bloodlust

So here is a story that contains elements that I love and hate.

An increase in home invasions causes a neighborhood to learn to protect themselves. Good.

But the brazen statements of killing such as “If they get inside my house they’ll die,” are NOT self defense, and could be used to prove that you meant to kill, which would transform self-defense into murder for him, even if it would have been otherwise justified.

The officer in this story is right, shooting or killing someone is a life changing experience, and it aint for the better.

Also notice the invasions were through unlocked front door entry, which is something we have always taught as dangerous, and to lock your doors, even when home, mowing the lawn, etc.

So, in short, they are learning to protect themselves, locking the doors, and bragging about shooting intruders.

I guess two out of three is the best we are gonna get, I hope they get good permit instructors who flense the bad ideas right out of their heads.

Story here.

Man stabbed ex-wife’s lawyer

So this is a clear example of how anyone can be a victim, although attorneys do have a higher risk profession, it is surprising the things that will cause a person to become violent. I have a number of instances of shootings over a parking spot at the local mall. The murder rate in Minneapolis and the deaths in MN from domestic violence are both running about double from last year.

It’s gonna be a long summer.

Story here.