Minnesota Supreme Court Ruling

Today the Minnesota Supreme Court Ruled in MN v Prigge (A17-0403) that the statute 624.7142 on carry while under the influence includes within arm’s reach. The case centers around a handgun found in the center console of a vehicle after a DUI arrest. The defendant claimed that the law states “on or about the clothes or person”, and both the trial court and appellate court agreed, stating there needs to be a nexus between the two and that there was no evidence that he touched the firearm in any way while intoxicated.

The Supreme Court disagreed.

With the courts having already determined in 2017 that carry of an unloaded, cased firearm while under the influence was illegal in MN v Larson (A16-1538)  This now must be taken into account when transporting an unloaded, cased firearm as well, as the definition of “on or about” would likely be applied here as well.

Law is technicalities, and we do our best to not only stay on top of them so we can provide the best, most accurate instruction possible, but so we can update and inform the general public as well. We encourage all those who carry firearms to read both cases.

-The staff at Pistolcraft



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