The exploitation of tragedy and the death of Liberty

The senseless act of another madman has gripped the nation. We offer our sincerest sympathies to all of those affected.

However, in reviewing the news coverage of the event, we find that we must speak up as there is a political movement afoot that is attempting to use this tragedy to prove the need to further control the people.
In this article  We noticed something that is of concern.
“The Fort Lauderdale suspect had a gun in his checked bag, investigators said. An additional layer of security at airport entrances could gain new support if officials find that it could have helped detect the weapon.”

This comment references an ongoing movement that has previously failed to gain support.

What gun folks know, but this article omits, is that all firearms in checked baggage MUST BE DECLARED WHEN CHECKING THE BAG. It is very likely that the airline knew this firearm was on board the aircraft, along with the TSA. All checked bags are scanned prior to being placed aboard, so the chances are very high that an undeclared weapon would be caught. I had a very small multitool (about 1.5″ long and nary a half inch wide) get picked up recently. There are explosive sniffers that can detect ammunition as well as x-ray and other scans to look for metal and other suspicious objects. 

And as a member of the ready reserve, he was still a member of the military. While this would not have afforded him special treatment, (A friend of mine in the military missed a single round of ammo on a bag and had a very unhappy TSA to deal with) a member of the military traveling with a firearm in his checked baggage  would certainly not have raised any alarms

So we have an operating assumption that the firearm was legally in his checked bag. This kind of changes the flavor of this quote, and its unrelated “push” a bit. It is very easy to find out how this works, each airline has a weapon transportation page, and the TSA does as well. How firearms travel on aircraft has not changed in a long time. This article as well as this one, supports our theory as to the weapon being checked.

So, then we could finish their sentence (my comments not italicized) to reflect reality – “could gain new support if officials find that it could have helped detect the weapon” that they already knew was on board.

Should they not consider detecting mental illness? The mental heath system is this country is a joke, but that is not the focus of our article despite the fact this person had previous contact with the system and told the FBI that the government was controlling his mind and making him watch ISIS videos.

It then seems a reasonable assumption that the direction of the narrative is carefully crafted to prey upon the ignorance of the vast majority when it comes to reality and reshape their perceptions to elicit an emotional response. It has long been common on Capitol Hill for politicians to move in fast with bills written long ago just waiting for the right crisis. 

Any negative event should indeed be investigated and used to grow and learn, but the timing alone makes this the exploitation of a horrifying event, and that should not only disgust us, but be a warning sign. No good comes from policy or legislation in the heat of the moment. I have friends on all ends of the political spectrum, and my sincere hope is that despite their differences they can appreciate the lessons of history when emotional reactions power political ambitions.

Let people absorb and comprehend. Let people mourn. Let people breathe. Then open a full and honest dialogue with real experts and equal time.

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  • Rick Berg says:

    Do cars cause drunk drivers? Drunk drivers kill hundreds of people every year. The blame is not to be placed on a thing! The blame is to be placed on the person.

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