The dangers of disarms

So recently there have been a few instances near me of civilians attempting to disarm an assailant. One was on the North side of Minneapolis, oft referred to as “Murderapolis”, where with the number of gun crimes being as high as it is, this was bound to happen. The victim in this case tried to disarm the attacker and was shot in the process. We are working on obtaining the scanner traffic for this event. The condition of the victim is unknown.

The other instance happened today, where a bank manager decided to try the same thing based on his determination that the gun was fake. He is very lucky as the gun was not only real, but was loaded. STORY HERE.

While we have studied and taught disarms for many years, this is not a technique that should ever be attempted by anyone who is not ery skilled at not only the physical move, but many other skills that are needed as well. Physical combatives require significant ability to make situational assessments, determine which, if any physical skills should be applied, and when.

We have always recommended physical combatives training, advanced first aid and other skills to our students. The carry of a gun is merely one link in the self-defense chain.

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