Orlando – The dangers of reactionary news and politics

We at Pistolcraft extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by the events in Orlando. We do not seek to politicize this tragedy, but to try to reverse that trend. We do not normally blog on political issues, but as this event is being used to attempt to strip gun rights, we feel it appropriate to opine on the matter and try to shed some light on the logical failings of the current narratives.

So within hours of an event that can only be described, at best, as tragic the media and the politicians were whipping out the usual dog and pony show. The electorate was chomping at the bit for something to blame. This is business as usual, and sadly the people still do not recognize how they are being played.

There was a clamoring for gun control almost immediately by the “left”. This is stock in trade and at best, disingenuous and disgusting. No facts were yet available; the victims had not been identified nor the crime scene processed. The lack of respect for the dead, the loved ones who were not even aware that they had suffered a tragic and inexplicable loss, and the truth is inexcusable.

There was fervor on the “right” to blame Muslim extremism for this event, as the alleged shooter had been on the radar of law enforcement. Never mind that he had not done anything that warranted detention, questioning, or arrest. So much for innocent until proven guilty. While it is possible that reports of his professing allegiance to ISIS are accurate, this does not by itself prove motive. This article

goes so far as to suspect infiltration of the federal security apparatus since the shooter worked for a security company that has some ties to the government. Note that there is NO evidence that this specific person ever worked in any such capacity. For the record G4S is huge, with 623,000 employees, only a tiny fraction of which are in US government service

Others focused on the “hate crime” aspect. Clearly, few violent crimes would be considered “love crimes” or even “mild affection” crimes. But there was nothing known about the shooter early on, even his identity. So how can anyone legitimately ascribe a motive to his actions? The sole fact that the shooting happened in a venue that catered to a particular class of people automatically ascribes motive under the current social mindset.

We have, as a society, largely lost the ability to think critically and to reason. Few will decide their own minds for themselves based on fact and evidence.

So here we are a day later, and the facts that are emerging are painting an entirely different picture of what may have led up to the almost unimaginable happening in Orlando. Articles are coming out with witness statements identifying the shooter (we choose not to name him) as having spent a notable amount of time in the venue he chose prior to the events of yesterday. Others state on the record that he had used apps oriented towards gay dating and one person claims he was asked out romantically by the shooter. Article here. Here. And here.

It has been noted that homophobia can stem from repressed sexuality, and someone who is from a faith that denounces homosexuality could certainly be affected by this. Certain sects of Christianity, Catholicism, and the Muslim religion all declare being gay to be somewhere between unacceptable and evil. Nine countries still punish homosexuals with the death penalty. So the possibility that this young man’s actions were not the result of being a terrorist, but a confused and conflicted soul is certainly worth examination.

In my work in investigations and as an expert witness, it is very apparent that after a full investigation, when as many facts are known as are likely to be it still takes days, weeks, sometimes months to pore through the data and form an opinion as to what actually happened. Motive is generally not something that one will ever be truly sure of. Yet within minutes to hours, as if with pure psychic ability the talking heads are certain of facts and motives that cannot possibly be known.

It is clear that the concept of the press as an objective source of information is a thing of the past. The major media are owned by just a handful of holding companies. The politicians from both parties are clearly more interested in advancing their own narrative than in representing the people that elected them and know that time is short, and they need to paint that narrative very quickly, before facts can derail their ability to utilize events to whatever advantage they are currently seeking. Sadly, people from all sides of the political spectrum fall prey to this.

We will address the Constitutional issues and the police response in later articles.

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