Bicyclists assaulted in Mpls, police issue warning

Minneapolis prides itself on being a bicycle friendly town. Clearly not everyone is on board.

Friday brought two separate incidents of assaults on bicyclists with chunks of concrete and brick. One of the victims was seriously injures and will require significant reconstructive surgery. His jaw is wired shut and his face shattered. He will need several plates near his cheek. The police do not have any reason to believe this was anything other than a random attack, according to this news story.

The police report having a list of other similar events happening as well. So if you ride a bike, especially in Minneapolis, make sure to be aware of your surroundings at all times. This specific attack was by someone in a white bronco.

This tragic incident illustrates one of the reasons that even in our basic courses, we have always taught that awareness and avoidance are true self defense. No skill at arms, no martial art would have done anything to prevent this from happening.

The entire staff at Pistolcraft wish Mr. Jensen a speedy recovery, and hope that by spreading this story not only will people become more aware, but that the person or persons responsible will be spotted and captured. Call the minneapolis police if you have any information about this crime.

There are also fundraising efforts underway to aid Mr. Jensen in his medical bills, the link is in the news story, however we always advocate caution when donating to such causes to ensure that the money is going to the victim and not being absorbed by a third parties overhead.

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