Justice system fails, 6 of family of 7 executed in TX

In another horrifying incident, a man with a violent background executes 6 of a family of 7, the seventh being wounded and playing dead. Four young children, and the parents died, leaving only a 15 year old girl as the survivor.

The suspect was looking for  his estranged wife, and apparently bound and questioned each victim about her location and then executed them. This was not limited to this incident, as he was charged with assaulting his own mother last week in San Diego County in a similar fashion, according to KPRC court documents allege he duct taped her, questioned her about his estranged wife’s location and then assaulted her.

Minnesota crime statistics are clear, the VAST majority of homicide victims knew their attacker. We can infer that is it likely similar in other states. The failure of the system to protect is evident here. While is is lunacy to expect police to protect you from any particular random incident of violence, this was the one year anniversary of the restraining order that his wife had granted against him.

He was incarcerated in the Cache County jail in 2008 per KSTU for “domestic assault and domestic violence in the presence of a child. Those charges were eventually dropped after a plea deal was reached.”

So, there was a violent criminal offense in 2008 which the justice system ignored, a restraining order a year ago, and he assaulted his OWN MOTHER last week, but no one saw fit to keep this (suspected) clearly violent person off the streets? Yes, this is clearly a gun issue as we know it will be made out to be.

And this terrible tragedy was not worse thanks to the survivor who managed to inform police that her attacker was headed to another relatives house in time to get a plainclothes officer there to evacuate the targets and arrest the suspect after a several hour standoff. After being shot in the head. We firmly believe the term hero is far overused. This, on the other hand is what one is. Despite likely fearing her own death, her only actions were in defense of others.

We rarely if ever post about fund raising efforts, as we prefer to remain neutral on most issues, but if you are so inclined, the links to do so are on the news sites we linked.

As always, our hearts go out to the countless people affected by this act. May God have mercy on their souls.

-The staff at Pistolcraft


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