On the Target debate, its effects and compromise

So over the last week or so, the Liberty loving staff at Pistolcraft have been involved in a rather heated debate with the local “gun-rights” group here in the once great state of Minnesota.

When the head of Target issued a letter under pressure from an anti-gun group to ban guns in its stores, Target took what may (from a corporate perspective) have been the best path it could under the conditions. It issued a letter requesting no firearms be brought onto its property. Considering that the gun rights crowd has not been putting together the necessary social and financial pressure to combat the opposition’s current strategy, they took the middle of the road approach hoping to appease both sides enough to not damage the bottom line, which is the job of a business.

It is up to us to take the requisite action to convince them of the wisdom (or lack thereof) of such policies. The traditional methods are still the best. Phone calls beat emails hands down. Boycotting and stripping them of revenue to show them that this policy WILL effect the bottom line is now necessary in our opinion, as the letter has been made public.

And, as expected by many of those following this issue, much like Jack in the Box, the armed robberies of customers have begun. A story published yesterday details several armed robberies in Georiga. There will be others. We had the same experiences in many states with smaller businesses that posted signs and got robbed. When the signs came down, most of the robberies stopped.

We here at Pistolcraft see the damage that incrementalism has done in the world of civil rights over the course of American history, and this is no different. If we allow even an inch, they will eventually take that mile. Bloomberg and his crowd are trumpeting these victories far and wide, and the media is proud to aid them. Make no mistake about it, when they get enough of these ‘requests’ granted, they will move for outright bans in private establishments, and then for other restrictions on carry in public venues.

What does GOCRA, the local “gun rights” group have to say about Target issuing this letter? They call it a “win”.


We see this as anything but a win. It is long past time for those who love Liberty to stop compromising, and not give any more ground in what is a multi-faceted battle for the rights so many fought and died to ensure to us (many other freedoms are also under constant attack). We have written previously about this happening with other major chains, and the trend is increasing. Now Target is added to the list of Starbucks, Chilis, Jack-In-The-Box, Chipotle, and likely others that do not want the business of law abiding armed citizens.

We say abide by their private property rights, and boycott them. Let them know you are doing it. We will soon be creating a series of pages on our site detailing those that stand opposed to your choice to be armed, and contact info along with form letters to use in contacting them detailing your respect for their private property rights.

To those who oppose our rights to self-protection, we stand fast against you. We will fight you to the last.

To those who cower alongside them, seek not our business or our support.


-The staff at Pistolcraft



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