TX robberies, shootings where guns not welcome

In all places, Texas has now joined the growing conflict between open carry demonstrators and the anti-gun pressure brought to bear on major restaurant chains. In mid-May there were two demonstrators with rifles in a Dallas Chipotle. There was also a demonstration by Open Carry Texas on May 5 at a Fort Worth Jack in the Box where, having received no notice from the group, police were called and responded to the event as an armed robbery. Since that time both Chipotle and Jack in the Box have requested that guns not be brought into their stores. On Friday it was announced that Sonic and Chili’s followed suit.

This raises the kind of questions in the pro-gun crowd that have many various opinions. Do private property rights trump the right to bear arms? Are these kind of protests doing more harm than good to the Second Amendment movement?Are these demonstrations causing fear or creating support?

It would seem, at least at first blush that the anti-gun crowd has much more influence on corporate policy. However, the outcome predicted by many in the pro-gun crowd is that banning guns increases crime. At least at Jack in the Box, this does seem to be the case.

In the ten days or so since this policy was announced, they have been the victim of 3 armed robberies. One involved both the restaurant and the customers being robbed by 4 men who donned masks and gloves. One of the four was caught when a customer followed the suspect’s vehicle according to this story.

Apparently they did not follow the story from last August where 6 armed men were holding up a Denny’s in SE Houston when one of the customers came out of the restroom, saw her brother on the floor at gunpont, and proceeded to draw her legally carried weapon and open fire.  No customers were hurt, and the robbers fled. STORY HERE.

This is a situation that is heating up all over the country for the last months, and will likely continue to do so as the rights of the people are hotly contested.

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