2 teens and 1 adult charged in violent robberies in Henn Co, MN

While we do teach a variety of physical and weapons skills as well as permits to carry, we have always maintained that awareness and avoidance are the key factors in self-defense and included this in ALL of our training courses.

Bus stops have always been at a higher risk for crime, and train/bus stops have been the top targets for robberies in Minneapolis, comprising 8 of ten hot spots for 2013. If you choose to use transit, it would be wise to learn of the increased dangers you face in doing so, and taking measures to reduce those risks.


The first assault involved a man as he got off a metro transit bus around midnight on March 16. The teens hit him in the head and stabbed him in an artery in his neck, nearly killing him.  The next incident was also at a bus stop near midnight ten days later. When the victim got off the bus, the teens ran up to him and tripped him. When he got to his feet, they tackled him, punched and kicked him in the head, and stabbed him in the ribs, puncturing his lung. This was also a near fatal wound.

After the third assault at a mall parking lot they were finally spotted by police and apprehended.



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