Former KKK leader kills 3 at Jewish center in KS

Enough details are already available about this tragedy to confirm that 3 people have been killed, including a 14 year old boy who was an Eagle Scout and his grandfather, as well as an as-yet unidentified woman.

The suspect, Fraiser Glenn Cross Jr., of Aurora, Mo, was taken into custody near the scene of the shooting and booked on first degree murder.

This kind of hate knows no bounds, whether skin color, religion, sex, age or economic class. People of all stripes should learn the basics of personal protection even if just the understanding of the realities of crimes like this, and how to be more aware. Even for those who do not choose firearms as a means of protection there are plenty of things one can do to stay safe.

Again, our hearts go out to the victims and all those affected by this senseless, hateful act.




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